I am on such a high! We got up early ( for us) to be a part of the Dolphin experience at Monkey Mia. I remember wanting to do this since I was a little kid (and all of my friends at school were talking about how they went to Monkey Mia in the holidays). We have been over to “Monkey” a few times since we have been staying in Denham, but hadn’t lucked out on the dolphin front. We spent an afternoon swimming there, and went for a cuppa in the lovely cafe. It feels like a little piece of paradise, it has more of a tourist feel to the set up. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Denham.

We wanted to go today, before school holidays start next week which we knew would be super busy. Even so, there were a lot of people there today, I would say a couple of hundred at a guess. We waited and heard about these amazing creatures- how rules have been put in place to ensure their survival. They are not tame animals, and still forage in the wild but come in for an hors d’oeuvre size snack. I am guessing it would be like luring me in with Salt and Vinegar chips or maybe a dark blue Lindt ball. Then making me find my own food for the rest of the day. Heck, I’d walk for that. Ha ha!!! The volunteers have learnt the hard way that too much human reliance can damage or even kill this beautiful species.

They only feed the dolphins about 12 fish (between 5 of them) up to 3 times a day. The volunteers choose people from the crowd to wade in and give one of the fish to a dolphin, and my girls got picked! We were so excited. And of course they needed parental supervision, right?? 😉 So Faith got to hold the fish, and we all got to be really close as the dolphin took it. I swear I heard it say thank you.

What is it about dolphins? I just love them! I think they have always been close to the human heart. Something about that cheeky grin and friendly eye. After our dolphin feeding we splashed out and had a buffet breakfast at the cafe. It really is such a lovely spot, highly recommend you stop in if you heading up the WA coast. 🙂

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