Essential Oils

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of essential oils? I know I used to think of them as obscure, dusty, sticky little bottles sitting in the hippy shop, in the corner. Who knows how old some of them were, and how many people had come to try the testers. Some of them smelt down right funny, and would make me cough. Not at all appealing. Cue doTERRA walking in to my life. These oils smelled…. incredible. Fresh, clean, straight from nature. Not a cough in site. I loved the aromas in the kit I started with, which included the main 10 oils.

The problem was, I didn’t know what to do with my oils and so they sat and gathered dust. Apart from making the occasional batch of protein balls with some peppermint or lemon, and using a few drops to freshen up the house I had no idea what to do with them. In my mind, they were still limited to flavours and a nice smell. That was until one night, I NEEDED some digestive help.

I had been on a very strict 40 day cleanse, and felt rather deprived and ravenous. It was Karl and my anniversary, and we went out to our favourite local restaurant. I said yes to literally EVERYTHING on the menu. Garlic bread, rich pastry dishes, pork belly, and creme brûlée (I had been wheat, diary and sugar free for 40 days. I think you know where this is headed). Fast forward about an hour, and I was in AGONY!!! Rather than keep my hubby up all night with my tossing and turning, I decided to search natural solutions for my tummy distress using Dr Google. Up came a digestive blend of essential oils which doterra makes (Digestzen, or ZenGest for you Canadians, weird I know). I wasn’t even sure if I owned this oil- that’s how little I was using them. I got up, ran to the cupboard where the oils now resided, opened the box, blew off the layers of dust, and there it was. Cue the angels singing. I put a couple of drops in water and drank it down faster than you can say “gurgle gurgle”.

Now: here is the part I want to highlight. I don’t know what hoodoo magic went on, but I went straight to sleep. TO SLEEP!!! No middle of the night breaks to sit on the porcelain throne…The next morning, I woke up bleary eyed to the light coming through the window, and realised I didn’t remember anything after drinking my oily concoction. WOW~ I was hooked. It was easy to research after that moment, because it motivated me SO MUCH to want to know what else these amazing gifts of nature from God could do for me and my family. Plants are powerful stuff people! And they work!! One by one, we started switching to natural solutions in our home, and the rest is history.

I only wish I had gotten into the oils earlier. From then on, I would try to oil every member of my family (including extended like nieces and nephews) and quickly became know as the Aunty Witch Doctor, all in jest of course. They mocked, but it was only a matter of time before they joined the dark side. Mwah ha ha ha! And my sister is now an amazing leader of her own team, and I’m so glad to be able to have her as part of my business. I learnt how these oils can support us emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It makes sense that God would bless us with these gifts at the creation of Earth. In the next couple of years, the oils would also bring us financial freedom.

The thing I didn’t know at the beginning, which I do know now is dōTERRA’s commitment to purity and potency. Their commitment to sourcing their oils from their indigenous lands, and benefitting thousands of lives in that area through that sourcing. Their humanitarian work has my heart singing. and I am honoured to play even a small part in supporting this work. It has inspired Karl and I to go and offer our hands where we can show Jesus’ love to those living in poverty.

So, is it time for you to try some of these amazing gifts? You can start getting your oils for wholesale price (25% off, the lowest price possible) here. There is no minimum order (although the kits are the best value) and you can log in anytime to order what you like and have it shipped to your door! You will receive a welcome pack, loads of support and education, and of course, a little piece of me. Your account also includes access to the BEST loyalty program ever, where you can replace some things from your grocery bill for less $, less toxins and less impact on the environment, and receive MASSIVE point benefits. Way better than 4c off your fuel/gas. I love supporting my global team, and I would be honoured to have you join mine. These oils are so much more than smelly hippy rubbish. If you would like to know more, contact me. xx

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