Essential Oils

I know a lot of people probably scroll past my posts, thinking that the stuff I am going on about with essential oils is unproven. Essential oils might smell nice, but that they are just smelly little bottles of hippy rubbish. Right? I know that is what I used to think, so I totally get ya. Please know, I only came across them when I was looking for a natural alternative to the peppermint essence (yuck) in the bliss balls I was making. I didn’t want fake peppermint in them, so I turned to the real stuff. Literally only had my taste buds and stomach in mind (that’s not like me….oh wait a minute, it is EXACTLY like me). Then they sat on my shelf for MONTHS because I had no idea of all of the health benefits. Or how to use them (besides the peppermint in bliss balls, yum). Or how they actually… like, WORK!!

So please, if you have read this far and stuck with me, let me enlighten you. Essential oils are POWERFUL! And proven. This is not just a placebo effect. If you want more proof, type Frankincense into– this is ground breaking stuff. A well known university is also in the process of cranking out another published study using the particular oils I am aligned with, dōTERRA…..It turns out the chemical compounds found in plants, (which traditional cultures have been using for thousands of years), along with the benefits of those plants are greatly concentrated in essential oils. Who would’ve thunk! We have found this over and over in our family, and even Karl (the mega sceptic) has been won over.

One thing certainly worth mentioning is, oils ain’t oils. Some people tell me they tried lavender essential oil 20-or-something years ago and it did nothing, nada, zilch for them. First of all, everybody is different and what works for you might not work for another person. Also, our body chemistry is changing daily and maybe the your body is using the oil as a tool to work on something behind the scenes it sees as a bigger issue than the one you would like to address (bodies are smart, huh). And just before you think I am just taking the easy cop out… please keep reading.

The biggest BUT is (I like big buts), the quality of the oils out there is a HUGE issue. There is no governing body to monitor what is going on in the essential oils industry, in the way that it needs to be monitored. Not only that, but pure does not mean potent. dōTERRA are experts in artisan quality, sustainable, ethical, pure and POTENT essential oils. In fact, in only 8 years they have become the world’s leading essential oil company. So not only is every single batch tested to ensure there are no fillers, or anything artificial (including sprays and pesticides) they are also tested to ensure they have the right amount of the right compounds to ensure that they are effective. Oils could be could be pure (even certified organic, and might smell good), but if these compounds are missing or compromised, they won’t be potent. dōTERRA sources the oils from all over the world (choosing locations based on the compounds the plants from that region produce, and where the plants grow the best). They respect the grower’s traditional expertise in the field to preserve amazing quality that is often lost in mass production. And they treat the farmers and the entire community amazingly well, enriching lives and creating jobs in the area. Comprehende? You can read more about the way dōTERRA source there oils here, and you can even put in the batch number of several oils to see the specific testing done on that batch, right before your eyes. Cool huh! 100% transparency.

So, if you are among the curious and aren’t already working with someone from doTERRA, hit me up for a sample or two! You can contact me by filling in your details below. You might just be surprised. Maybe you want to support your immune,  wake feeling refreshed and ready to rock, keep the bugs out of your kids hair, maintain a healthy digestive system, give your metabolism something to sing about, make that skin glow like Cleopatra’s (well I assume Cleopatra’s isn’t glowing now but you get my drift), control the monster mummy moments ( Oh I get YOU! I live in a bus with 4 kids who I homeschool, remember??). Oils can offer a natural solution for so many things. Is it time to makeover your health? Nothing to lose, I tell ya! I’ll even chat with you over the phone and explain how best to use the sample. 🙂

The best thing about getting your oils from me is the support you will receive. I won’t leave you in the dark –  you will be fully  educated and empowered to makeover all the bits of your life you aren’t a fan of, and maybe then some. Of course if you are already working with someone from dōTERRA I would encourage you to reach out to them. If not, you will be a part of my awesome FB group of oily junkies, and all of my training/meetings from past and present will be available to you to learn at your pace. So get on it! If you are ready to go ahead and join, you can find instructions to get you on your merry way here. Otherwise, leave your details in the box below, get some samples and lay that scepticism to rest! 😀

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