From burnout to freedom

Do you ever think back on where you have come from, and feel utter gratitude wash over you? This happens to me pretty often. Today it pulls at me strongly.

Only 5 years ago, everything appeared to be picture perfect from the outside looking in, but I was longing to fill a God shaped hole in me and tried with so many things that weren’t the right shape. Shopping, elevating friends to idol level, decorating my home, my direct sales business. I was self absorbed and following the ways we are told will bring us freedom, but nothing would satisfy.

My Husband, Karl was fighting his own battle, I am sad to say he was much more alone than he should have been. I was “there” for him, but I could have seen more, said more, been more for his heart. He was running a trade business- or I should say it was running him. Hours were long, and he wanted more from life. He was suffering from undiagnosed anxiety and depression.

One night, he approached me and asked if I would consider pulling the kids out of school, begin homeschooling them, and we would travel around Australia, “while they are young enough”. I’m pretty sure my first reaction was to laugh, there may have been a sarcastic comment in there. But very quickly the look in his eyes told me he was very serious.

Long story short, I said after a couple of weeks of consideration I said yes. I agreed to a 2 year plan, with some provisos and conditions thrown in there. And saying yes was the beginning of a totally new life for us. We travelled Australia slowly for 3.5 years before we were led overseas, and now our travels don’t have an immediate end in sight.

During the early days on the road, Karl was able to heal from his burnout (praise God!), until we could truly enjoy the freedom we had worked so hard for. I am so grateful Karl asked me to go on this crazy ride with him. Through our travels, we have become closer to God, and closer to each other again. Our kids love our company, and their favourite thing to do is to have “family time”. No, it isn’t always perfect and we certainly have normal family struggles, but I am so glad we said “yes” when we were led to change the life we were living, and I am even more glad that when I said “yes” to a 2 year travel plan, that God had something else in mind.

We don’t know where will be in the next year, but we are always praying about it, and we long to head to other nations where we can use our skills to help those living in poverty, and tell others about the hope found in Jesus. We are trusting God will honour this desire and are eagerly awaiting the next steps towards this in the near future.

In the mean time, I love helping my tribe of women, but I am so glad to say it isn’t the very centre of my life. I don’t live, eat and breathe it. The lessons from this journey have taught me to have more balance, peace and joy, and connection with the One who loves me to death.

If you are feeling like you are in a transition zone but are ready for change, I would love to help you navigate through it with a life coaching series. We can set some goals, and I will be your cheerleader, your positive voice, and your number one advocate.

Psalm 91:14-15. Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.

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