Mum guilt

So, at the moment things have been really quite busy for us as a family. How on earth can things get busy with this magical life we lead on the road, you ask? Well, we have always travelled a little differently to many out there. We haven’t taken 6 months off from our jobs, to take all of Australia in in one trip. This is our daily life: we work on the road, we move to a new place, we work some more. We have been doing this for about 20 months now. Our work dynamics are changing though- Karl is still doing his tradie business, but I am working hard to build up my oily dōTERRA team, which is having unprecedented growth. It is a really exciting time for me. And us, the possibilities are so close and getting closer each day.

Things are in a big time of transition at the moment.  Karl is taking more of a hands on roll with the kids- schooling, meal prep, fulfilling general nagging requests of little people- ha ha. Most of the time the kids are great. I promise. But Karl is even cleaning! I came in to the bus the other day to find he has turned our bedroom upside down and was organising everything. He is totally showing me up making me look bad I tell ya. I am not the tidiest of people. Now I can’t find a thing. I like my room like a museum, everything out on display. He even does the laundry! The poor kids do get a bit bored if we are both working, which can often be the case at the moment. Karl still manages to fit some of his trade work in between all he is doing….and I am still doing the bookwork for our trade business, so there is rarely a time I am not connected to my laptop (Ok, guilty confession, sometimes I am watching Gilmore Girls on it, so I guess it isn’t all work). We manage to take a couple of fun trips out per week- to the free water parks here in Darwin, the shops, the library- to break up the monotony for the kids. And for us.

So how does it feel for me to working away serving my team, and having meals brought to me, coffees made for me, and the kids schooling taken care of? I must say after 13 years of living in a traditional role relationship, with Karl always being the breadwinner, it feels strange but somehow….. (who am I kidding) great! I feel like I am totally mum bossing it, and killing it along the way. *Fist pump. And to have my man 100% behind what I am doing, cheering me on is the most amazing feeling ever. AND the kids get to have both of us around all the time. So it’s really good.

But always, always in creeps the mum guilt. What is with that?? I thank Karl for every meal about 10 times, till he looks at me with that look that says; “OK- that’s enough now. No more thanks from you!” I just can’t get over that I didn’t cook it. Turns out he is a pretty creative cook too!! While he is cooking I shout out about 10 times to see if he is ok, if he needs any help. Poor guy probably thinks I think he is an imbecile (if the shoe fits…. joking honey, if you are reading this!!) Another weird thing I tend to do is,  I will sit and gaze out at him from my office (code for bed), lovingly watching him help the girls with maths. He has never looked more attractive. 😉

Of course, the kids still come to me first to help them with their little problems. You know the ones, “Mum, my pencil broke and I can’t find the sharpener”,  “Mum, Will is annoying me.”, “Mum, where’s Dad?” and the classic from Will: “Mum, put your phone/computer down, let me hug you!!” Oh that melts my heart about every time!

So at the moment I am in this place where I don’t have all of the answers. I am so glad I can be around the kids and we can have time together, even when I am working and not mentally present. But this whole Daddy Daycare thing feels a bit odd… but good. Don’t get me wrong here either, Karl has always been a wonderful hands on dad. But not great on the housework, cooking etc. And I know the schooling thing is definitely out of his comfort zone. But he is doing a wonderful job and likes his new role- it’s me who puts the false guilt on! I don’t know how to stop the Mum guilt so if you have a great remedy, let me know.

I can’t help but have a little bubble of excitement in me when I look at at how well I am adulting and businessing.  I have this amazing business I never expected  when I first bought my oils. People look to me to lead them (heck I can’t lead myself most days). I am helping other mums (and dads) reach for their dreams and goals, and I’m impacting loads of family’s health journeys, while providing freedom for us- and that feels great! Like. A. Boss.

So, in other news, Darwin is wonderful. It is getting wetter and wetter here and we are getting some cracker storms most afternoons. Everything here is super green but I am a little sick of my glasses fogging up every time I step outside. Super grateful to be here though, as it is a part of Oz we have always wanted to see and we are blessed enough to get to live here for a bit!  If you want to see my crazy lady excited thunder video, look on our FB page… you’ll have to scroll down a bit.

Till next time, Mwah!

Mrs Big Betty


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