Hey!  I get asked all the time what my in flight essentials are, so here you are. Since I built my business to a point where I could invest in attending various events, I have done a lot of travel! Some has been within Australia, but also to New Zealand, South East Asia, Fiji, Canada and USA. I know, cool right??  These are just what I take in flight with me. There is ALWAYS more in my checked in bag. Including an essential oils diffuser. I take the Lumo with me, with an adaptor. 😉

  1. Essential Oils…. you guys knew that was coming, right? I mean come on. It’s me. So these are my top oils to travel with. You can get adorable little 8 vial keychains when you shop for your oils so you have around 20-30 drops of each on hand, or you can carry the whole 15ml/5ml  bottle and/or 10ml Touch roller. The glass bottles can add to your overall carry on weight though. So if you want to travel light, fill up that keychain! Make sure anything you carry is under 100ml and can fit in your clear ziplock bag allotment:

DigestZen Touch AND 15ml. Yes, it’s worth taking both. (my digestion always goes wacky overseas and mid flight- it’s the stress and food.  I apply across the belly (rub firmly in a clockwise direction) and/or a drop in water to keep everything running as it should. A drop in the belly button works magic, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! You can  use the Touch Roller (it’s pre-diluted) across the sinuses for some instant pressure release too.

OnGuard– because public places are YUCK!! Use the Touch roller on the bottoms of the feet before going on your adventures to bring protection from nasties, inhale a drop from your hands for an instant boost, a drop on the hands and rubbed in thoroughly to sanitise, a drop wiped over your tray table. Even better, also pack the OnGuard hand sanitiser spray. Beadlets are great for a little burst of OnGuard goodness on the go. I take all of the forms of OnGuard with me. Toothpaste too. Samples are great for travel and a mid flight mouth freshen!

Lavender or Balance. Or both. Calming, soothing, support sleep, feel your stress unwind. I have often offered this to parents with an unsettled kiddo. Out of pure love for the struggle they are going through. Use your intuition and gentleness as to whether it will be well accepted. For me, it always has been.

AromaTouch– The spa blend is great for tension and tight muscles, without the strong aroma of Ice Blue/Deep Blue. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Ice Blue but I like to be kind to those around me in such a confined space.

Motivate Touch Roller– I love to pop this on my wrists and behind my ears before hopping off the flight, so I am full of energy and vitality to get through the queues, customs and to my hotel room.

Spa Lip balm. Not an oil I know, but it is infused with oils so it counts. Plane air is so dry! I can’t choose if the tropical or the herbal flavour is my fave. Keep those lips luscious.

A small roller or vial of Fractionated Coconut Oil– So you can dilute any of your powerful oils for topical use. You can’t take a whole bottle from doTERRA, it’s too large and you will lose it at the security check point. Also, incase you choose to take the Ice Blue Rub or toothpaste, they are also too big. Sob sob. I pack sample sachets instead, or make sure to check them in.

2. Fly Legs Up. This magic little leg hammock has totally rocked my world. It comes with 2 pillows you inflate, and you can almost completely recline. It makes my feet feel like they are floating on a cloud, and I have even been SHOCKED when I woke after sleeping for 7 hours straight from Sydney to LA. That flight is usually so horrible. It’s well worth the price. Mine has lasted so well. I also found a handy head pillow that is like your usual ugly neck pillow, except it is flat behind your head so it doesn’t push your neck forward. It’s really clever and I like it much better than the standard neck pillow. It’s also inflatable so packs very small.

3.Water bottle, keep cup, stainless straw and reusable cutlery set and bamboo toothbrush– I love to know when I am on the go, I am not adding single use plastics to landfill. These are my old faithfuls. Choose a great water bottle that can keep liquids hot or cold- then you can fill it with herbal tea or water. Most airports have bottle fill stations, and you are saving your body from toxic plastics, and saving money to boot. Wahoo! More cash for oils! I always add a drop or two of citrus essential oils to my water. It keeps me feeling clean and regular. ONLY do this if you are using a glass or stainless steel bottle. Essential oils can break down plastic which you are then ingesting. Just make sure your water bottle is empty when you carry it through security. I even pack some healthy snacks/meals but PLEASE make sure you don’t take any food off of the plane. Otherwise you will not be popular with customs.

4.My Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Noise Cancelling headphones– these babies were a bit of a splurge but I LOVE them so. When I have them on, all other noises fade away and I am in my own little bubble. I download some episodes from netflix, some audio books from Audible, fave playlists from Spotify (find my fave worship playlist here), a few podcasts, and some books from amazon onto my kindle app ALL onto my phone ( I use an iPhone x) using free airport wifi, and the time flies so much quicker! Boredom be gone, and I even get some self development time in!

5. A beautiful, soft shoulder wrap and some super soft socks. This can double as an elegant cover up over your comfy yoga pants while walking through the terminal, and also as a blanket when the flight gets cold. And you know it will!


Another to tip, I use ING debit for ATM and international transaction free purchases, and I activate the travel insurance which is included with my Commonwealth Platinum MasterCard. So as long as I have those essentials, my money and my passport, I know I am good to go! I have learnt that with carry on, less is actually more. I prefer to check my bag and not have to heave a full 7KG (cough cough) around the airport. It is much funner this way, and it turned out my over packing was just FOMO (fear of missing out)!

Have I missed anything? What are your essentials to take in flight with you?


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