Our Journey

Big Betty & the Barlows

In 2014 my husband Karl was experiencing an intense level of burnout after running his trade business at a very high level for 8 years. We were overwhelmed at home, in our businesses, and just about every area of our life. As a family we felt disconnected, and we were not in a good place. So, my wonderful husband suggested we change the life we were living. I am talking extreme change. We bought a bus (our beloved Big Betty), sold our home, and in 2015 we left our small country town with our kids and travelled Australia. 

A wellness experiment that became our life

Over this time, we felt God’s hand healing and restoring Karl's energy and zest, while we waited for leading in the next direction.

We watched my dōTERRA business grow exponentially, and by August 2017 we were blessed to sell our trade business, and solely rely on my income for the first time.

Although at the beginning I was a very reluctant traveler, and our crazy travel life was intended to be a 2 year plan, it had grown on me so we haven't stopped. 

We continue to travel full time while world-schooling our kids, and have visited several overseas countries (including Bali, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Fiji).

We love the traveling life.

We feel a deep calling to serve in areas of poverty while we continue to build our residual income, and this is something we are praying about at the moment.

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