Shark Bait

So I am feeling mighty mighty chuffed with myself. I did a few firsts on the weekend, and I have decided I LOVE water sports. We went out to Useless Loop at a ridiculously early hour on Friday. It’s a salt mine site, and isn’t open to the general public, but we have some awesome family connections.

We were just planning on being there for one night, but ended up staying 2. We didn’t bring Big Betty in, as it wasn’t worth it for just a night. I was rather grumpy the morning we drove there (me, grumpy?? NEVER!!! Ha ha).  Karl was super excited to go, but I was not too enthusiastic about waking up before the sun did. Coffee was not enough. Quick, grab the jumper cables. Anyway, we reached The Loop before 9am, to the surprise of Karl’s parents who are staying over there. Shouldn’t be too surprised, Karl is a Barlow after all. They are an energetic, eager bunch where as my breeding tends to be about 50% sloth, give or take (depending on the day and the number of coffees consumed).

Anyway, by midday I was tolerably awake, but not enough to go into the water so I just hung around the caravan park. Karl went out fishing on the dinghy with his dad, while Grandma (Karl’s mum) and I looked after the kids. Grandma did most of the looking after really, they were showing her all their cooking skills with the play-dough she made them. They watch way too much MKR. Livvy thought she would improve on twice cooked chips, by making 6 times cooked chips. They told Grandma about all the steps involved in making all the dishes and all the ways it could go wrong, bless her patient heart. My kids are a special breed. Ha ha.

Saturday arvo Karl wanted to show me some sharks, as I still hadn’t seen any in Shark Bay (which is kinda disappointing, given the name). So we went to the fish cleaning station, a well known sharks cafe/hotspot. He dropped a line in for me, and BAM! A nice sized shark took the bait. Probably looks minuscule in the video but I swear it was bigger. Footage below. I reeled it right in, and he let it go. What an absolute rush! I have a bit of an affection for these animals now. Stunning creatures really, and my fear is pretty much gone. Except when one is flopping at my feet. So NOT pulling that hook out. Thanks babe.

So after that, I was addicted to catching things and we went to the jetty that night. The kids caught a shark each, and reeled them in. Such amazing learning for them about our wonderful world. A nice local kept releasing them, till he realised he had released enough for us and went to find a quieter fishing spot. Sorry local guy, and thanks for your help! The next day I went out on the boat and caught a beautiful 450mm pink snapper that was legal anywhere else, except useless loop ( different sizes apply here, so I put it back). Sob sob. Best fishing I have had in a long time, even though we didn’t take anything home, there were plenty of bites and catches (although all too small).

The next day I finished my water sports trifecta with a snorkel. I grabbed pretty hard onto Karl’s hand for most of it, but I let go and relaxed by the end. Incredible amounts of wildlife, but my Go-Pro is being a butt head, so no pics to show. I think the battery is dead. Anyway, I have decided I am quite the water baby! Today we are back in Denham, going a million miles an hour catching up on orders, jobs, emails and phone calls. Oh the beauty of working on the road!

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