I have been asked a lot what a day in my life looks like. So I thought I would share here! It seems a lot of us who have this amazing flexibility in our business, struggle with focus and productivity when we are the driving force of our day. It’s really, really common. So if you are there, don’t feel alone.
I’ve never been a morning person, like ever. I don’t know about you, but I find if I start the day with intention or what I call “on purpose” things go a lot better for me. I’ve actually switched my day (gasp- I’m as shocked as you) and before lunch is the most productive time for me! Sometimes I wonder at how God blessed my business to where it is (6 figure earnings and top 5% of leaders in my company) but alas, here I am so I decided this year to up my game and become more intentional.
This is what my mornings look like.
We tend to naturally wake around 7am, but if we have something important on I will set the alarm.
Every day I go straight to my bible reading app on my phone, followed by a time of prayer. I have been following the reading plan here, and we are reading through the entire bible as a group in 9 months. If you’d like to join (it doesn’t matter the day) jump right in! It has completely changed my year. This is my spiritual food for the day, and it sets my mind in the right place so I don’t wake up running and shouting at the kids (most days, again, HUMAN!) I try not to look at any social media but sometimes I have a little peek. Being completely honest here. I am mindful to only glance, it’s not a time to get bogged down in the news feed. And I am working towards not checking at all.
After I’ve finished reading (15-20 minutes) I dry brush my body and apply some delicious essential oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil, OR at the moment I am loving the new Yarrow Pom Body Renewal Serum for my *cough* softer bits. It’s AMAZING!! So now that I am invigorated, I get dressed, and I go make a coffee, or sometimes the husband has already done it! Bless his cotton socks. Getting out of my PJ’s is really important for me to move in to action for the day, even through no one is watching.
I sip my coffee, look at my calendar to see what my week/day looks like, and chat with the hubby. This is such a lovely time together and has strengthened our marriage. As we are doing this, the kids are often waking up. Ours love to sleep. Especially the teen girls. 😉 We usually make eggs for breakfast, take our supplements ( Lifelong Vitality, Mito 2 Max, terrazyme are regulars and the rest I change up according to how I’m feeling) and then get into our work for the day. For the kids and Karl, that’s homeschooling. For me, it’s working my business. Usually we are moving to our work stations by 8.30/9am.
On Mondays ( I love Mondays) I do an overview for the week first thing. I did the Beautiful Life Lab with Hol:Fit and it has truly changed the way my week and mornings look. The tools which are given as part of the course are THE BOMB!!! I prioritise, and I dive straight into what I know I need to be doing, and scrub off what isn’t a great use of my time. I delegate where I can, and I make sure I know every task is moving along as it should. It feels fresh and new, and I can see where I am headed. I am no longer cruising through my days by accident.
Then I get my work space set up. We are renting a small 3 bed apartment with a family of 6 (I can’t complain, it’s much bigger than Big Betty, our bus ha ha). Therefore, my work space is my bedroom, so I clean/tidy my room so I have an open space to work in. I have real plants in this space. Plants are happy. I pop on some music for productivity (this is my fave list on Spotify). I have lots of fresh air coming in through the open balcony door. I find it really hard to work in a cluttered/stuffy space. And of course, I put on my diffuser with some “get it done” oils like citrus and peppermint, or my favourite Motivate. I also have a lot of oils on my bedside table  (within easy reach, this is key to new habits) to support my focus as I work.
I tend to get all of my important work done by lunch time. Lunch is usually cold roasted meats, boiled eggs, raw veg, home made dips and other things we have prepped for our week so it’s quick, nutritious and easy to grab. Then we have the afternoon to run errands or just hang out as a family. I tend to keep my mentoring calls with my team in the afternoon. I also aim to get a long walk in every day, and usually listen to a podcast in an area of learning I am needing at that time while walking for at least part of the way. Sometimes, I love silence on my walk too, or some inspiring tunes.
At the end of my work day, I consciously switch off by getting my inbox back to 0 ( I LOVE gmail and either delete, archive, snooze or store every single email, every day) and I check my calendar to see what the next day holds! Then I consciously make an effort to leave my work behind and 100% be engaged with my kids. That’s it!
Did you find this helpful? Let me know any amazing tweaks you have made to your day! If you’d like to chat with me about one on one coaching for accountability and to smash through those goals you have, or to find out more about growing an essential oils business, head here to book in a free chat with me. 

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