It’s now been 16 months since we hit the road. Boy, what a journey. But I can say now we are in such a good place. So much growth, so many times we have stripped back our possessions and ourselves. So it got me thinking about all the “stages”.

  1. Definitely denial: We aren’t actually leaving. The house is packed up but we still have plenty of time. The business is all packed away- nope still not going. I would talk to friends about going (with a big silly grin on my face), but I still wasn’t going.
  2. Shiny good: Ok, it seems we are going and we are on the road. It’s new. It’s exciting. Our life will be wonderful every single day from here on out. Not a challenge in sight. Happy, happy, happy. I love homeschooling. I love our porta potty. It is sooooo cute. I love my terrible oven. Love love love. Sickening, OTT love.
  3. Acceptance: This is our life. It has a feel of normality to it, but it isn’t normal enough to be normal yet. So it still has a bit of a shine. But there are streaks of grey coming in. Moments of insanity. The oven isn’t that great. The loo smells. The occasional crazy mumma fight with the nearest human who dares approach.
  4. Bat crazy. What have we done? Why are we doing this? I hate homeschooling. I hate the oven. I hate the loo. If I have to wipe the glass mirrors enclosing our feral clothes in the feral wardrobe one more time I am going to scream. Oh, I am screaming…. well I’m going to do something….extreme. Kids are hard. Kids in a bus are harder. Can I have a break from the kids now? Where is our money? Why do we have no money? This was all YOUR idea!!! We can’t even afford a cappuccino in a cafe. I hate this. Yada yada yada. Cuddle me, hand me a wine, pat me on the head and tell me I am pretty.
  5. Balance: A balance of crazy and happy. Happy moments start to peek in through the window again, but they check if it is safe to approach first. I realise what a wretch I have been to live with.  “This” starts to feel truly normal, and is no longer a novelty, but it isn’t awful either. There are still moments when mummy loses her mind and goes crazy at the kids, at the hubby, at the closest person in firing range, but it is less frequent than when we were at home. So that is a positive. Right? Right???
  6. Looking up: Finances are better, I get my mojo back running my doTERRA business, we have a great work, play balance. We start to see the potential in my team. We meet friends on the road and have regular social catch ups. I discover the joy of using credit card points for a flight or two, giving me a couple of weekends to invest in my sanity. Mumma is back and singing!
  7. Love love love: Current stage….Yes, we have come back to that again. Many days I pinch myself. We work hard, but we set the hours. Work is a joy now instead of a burden.  We spend much of our time in the park or at the beach. Karl does fun stuff with the kids, while I work with my team on the laptop. We have a new normal, which is so different to the awful lack of balance when we were at home. I don’t know when this trip will end, and I don’t know if I want it to. We have friends around us who are starting to feel like family. We can do this forever right??
  8. Step 8? I don’t know! Each turn takes me by surprise, but I have just learnt to go with the flow and take it as it comes.

Would I recommend you to give this a go? A BIG FAT YES!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!

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