Big Betty

HI! I am Rebekah, a mum of four and wife to Karl. We have a Facebook page – Big Betty and the Barlows, and have had many requests to start a blog over the months, so seeing as I am never short of a word, here it is!

What makes our journey so special to share with others you may ask? Well, about 2 1/2 years ago we decided the rat race was not doing us or our family any favours. So we decided to change our lives and work towards hitting the road full time ( this was not my idea and personally thought my hubby had gone cuckoo. I am so glad I listened though because I feel so free!). Karl went and bought Big Betty from Adelaide ( a 1980 something Denning double decker coach), and brought her home to us in Esperance at the end of 2013. We had a plan to do her up over 2 years, but within 18 months she was finished and we were ready to hit the road. All was well except our house was empty and hadn’t sold yet, after being on the market for 3 years.

We got an offer on our house just 2 days before we were due to leave, and we accepted! We were free to go without the worry of a mortgage. There is a lot more “before” to the story but perhaps I will leave that to share for another day.

So long story long ( sorry I really don’t do short very well), we hit the road in April last year(2015). I must say this journey has been very different to what I expected. I thought we would be a lot further in a year, but looking back I would’t change a thing. It has been a time of uncertainty and trust, a time of self discovery, connecting and re-connecting with family and friends we had lost contact with or never begun relationships over the years, and a time of re-juggling and re-thinking the way we do business and earn an income.

So where are we now? In Denham, WA. We have travelled from Esperance up to Geraldton a couple of times, taking different routes and seeing different things each time as we settled in our role of running a business back home and also on the road. We leaned on family and friends, who we love so deeply for their support during this time as we figure stuff out. Now we are the furthest north we have been in Betty, and once we pass Exmouth we are the furthest north in WA I have ever been, with or without Betty in my life. So from here on in things are fresh and new, and we are still loving it. After a whole year on the road, who knows where we will stop? We originally thought this was a 2 year plan, but now we just don’t know and take each day as it comes.

I have made some amazing online friends already through this journey, and I love all the comments and feedback we receive on Facebook. It will be so much easier to share greater chunks of my thoughts through here though! So please comment, share and if you are thinking about travelling Aus yourself, I am happy to mentor you through it! It is scary but so so worth it. Life happens every day whether you plan it or not.

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