Who am I without my family?

In only 6 days, I am going on an adventure. Leaving Big Betty, Mr Betty and the kids behind in Coral Bay, and going to Brisbane all by myself. I am so excited to go along to the dōTERRA leadership retreat, and to hone my skills as the leader of my wonderful and quickly expanding team. But I can’t help but feel a little anxious.

So much of my identity is tied up in my family. I am a wife, a friend, a supporter. I am my kids teacher, their General, and their safe place. I know it is only a week, but it is mind boggling that I can go a week without these ones that keep my days full and long, that give my days purpose and direction.

It is a given that I won’t sleep well for at least the first couple of nights, if not the entire time. One gets rather used to having a bedfellow after 13 years. Where he is, is home. It always feels odd without him.

I am sure my imagination is running wild. I will hit the ground and be so busy, and have so much time with new and old acquaintances that there won’t be time to feel lost. But at the moment I am torn between excitement, and unwillingness to leave my little tribe behind! My hopes is to come back refreshed, invigorated and ready to take my business to a new level. And also, to get a fresh look at these little blessings I have which surround me, and can be easily taken for granted….

Now back to my search for a suitcase. The things you don’t have when you live in a bus, which you occasionally need……

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